Why HanSound Audio?

Han Sound Audio owns the expertise of the different materials to make different and special sounds. The structure of all the cables was designed by ourselves, and we do not use the public design cables from the factory. We pay attention to the post-sales service and meet the customer’s needs and wants. We provide two-way professional communication and also provide custom made product for every customer. Han Sound Audio is the leading brand with the creativity and the ability of improving constantly in the world.

What’s upgrade cables?

Simply put, an upgrade cable could improve the sound quality of the audio system when transmitting signal, and Hi-End headphones are almost designed with interchangeable cables. For audiophiles, to change an upgrade cable will have more feelings for tuning effect. The conductors usually use in the upgrade cable are copper, silver-plated copper, silver, gold-plated silver, and gold-silver alloys.

Latest News

Released UNAS of The Pyramid Series



We Relocated to New Office in Neihu District



2022 TPAF in Tainan City



AVONE Is The New Partner in Singapore



The warranty period of HanSound cables was changed from 6 months to 12 months



Thinking Group now is the official distributor in HK and Macau



TPAF 2021 Taipei



Announce the Crosser cable



TPAF 2021 Taichung



A New Cable Structure "Pyramid"

Created a new cable structure named "Pyramid", and 1st cable of Pyramid series is DANTA...more


Buy NYX And Get Box Free

Since the NYX cable releasing on 8/29, we made a promotion activity that is the buy Nyx cable and get a mini-box free. The promotion is going to the end of September....more


Kinopio, start to sell on November 2nd (only China, HongKong, Taiwan)

The Kinopio cable will be released to the market in Taiwan on Nov. 2, and it will be launched in both Hon Kong and China on Nov. 16....more


AEGIS 8-wire is suitable for over-ear headphones

AEGIS 8-wire is also suitable for over-ear or on-ear headphones to enjoy....more


CANJAM LONDON 2018 July 21-22

The countdown to CANJAM LONDON 2018, the cables of Han Sound Audio will be exhibited with InEar Monitoring...more


2018 Hong Kong Head-Fi AV Show 8/10 to 8/12

Let's go to 2018 Hong Kong Head-Fi AV Show together!...more


New Y-splitter with two colors

The new Y-splitter with two colors will be used on 4-wire cables from now, including the ZEN, MUSE II, AGNI, AEGIS, LAGOM....more


Seeing you at CANJAM SINGAPORE 2018

3/24~3/25 CANJAM SINGAPORE 2018 We will team up with Music Sanctuary to exhibit Han Sound’s new model "AEGIS" and the flagship "VENOM" at the CANJAM Singapore 2018....more


LINE available

LINE@ is connected now....more


Relocated to new office in Taipei city.

Relocated to new office in Taipei city....more